Faculty Name : Roopa Devi K N
Department : Mathematics


Ms. Roopadevi K N
Associate Professor.
Department of Mathematics.




Education Details :
  • Master of Science in Mathematics, University Of Mysore, Mysuru, 2001
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Teresian College, Mysuru, 1999
Personal Details :
  • DOB : 13 July 1977
  • Hobbies : Reading books, listening to Music
  • Languages : English, Kannada, Hindi.
Professional Experience :

Research Details :

  • Pursuing PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Experience Details :

  • Working as Associate Professor at GSSSIETW, Mysuru from 2013 to till date
  • Worked as Assistant Professor at GSSSIETW, Mysuru from 2011 to 2013
  • Worked as Senior Lecturer at GSSSIETW, Mysuru from 2009 to 2011
  • Worked as Lecturer at GSSSIETW , Mysuru from 2004 to 2009
  • Worked as Lecturer at JSS Degree College, Mysuru 2003 to 2004
  • Worked as Lecturer at Government PU College, Yelandur from 2003(July) to 2003( Nov)
  • Worked as Lecturer at SBC PU College, Chamarajanagar from 2001 to 2003
Publications :
  • Smt. Roopadevi K N, Dr. A T Eswara,” Variable Viscosity and Prandtl Number Effects on Natural Convection Iso-propanol Boundary Layers about a Vertical Plate”,. Volume , Issue 7(7) July 2018 , ISSN: ISSN: 2277-9655,  pp 254-259, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology,. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1320894.
  • Mr.B Venkataseshaiah, Ms.Roopadevi K N, “An Overview of Applications of Fourier Transform and Z- Transform in Engineering and Technology”, Volume 5, Issue 7, September 2017. ISSN: 23210613, pp.366-367 IJSRD.
  • Mr.B Venkataseshaiah , Ms. Roopadevi K N, Stafford Michahial , “Image Compression using Singular Value Decomposition” in Int. Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Volume 5, 2016. (ISO 3297:2007), DOI 10.1748/IJARCCE.2016.51246
Academic Activities :
  • Worked as Coordinator for International Conference on Adaptive Computational Intelligence (ICACI-2019) on 18th and 19th July 2019 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Worked as Coordinator for International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer Technologies and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT-2018) on 14th and 15th December 2018 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru
  • Coordinated “Gita Chaitanya Scholarship Award” for 100 meritorious students of GSSSIETW on 20th April 2018 organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Coordinated The International Conference on “Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer Technologies and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT-2017)” on 15-16 December-2017 organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Paper Evaluator for Theory exams of Engineering Mathematics- I, II, III, IV; Advance Engineering Mathematics I, II. Under VTU.
  • Paper Evaluator for Theory exams of Discrete mathematical Structure and Graph Theory and Combinatorics under VTU.
  • External DCS for VTU exams.
  • Internal DCS for VTU exams.
Faculty Development Activities :

Seminar / Workshop / Conference Attended :

  • Attended two days work shop on”Applied Mathematics Using MATLAB” at RNSIT,Bangalore on 25-26  July-2019.
  • Attended one day FDP on “A Road for Writing Research Articles and Publications”at GSSSIETW, Mysuru, on 25 June-2019.
  • Attended national seminar on “Women Empowerment in India” by Dr. Jothibai of AgapeCARE society, Malaysia on 18th July 2019 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Attended a talk by Smt. S Gowthami, Founder Secretary, Allinov R & D Pvt Ltd. on IPR for students and faculty members at GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 12th Jan, 2019
  • Attended one day FDP on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell Inauguration" held on 16th May 2018 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Participated in National Conference on “Geometric Function Theory and its Applications”organized by Yuvaraja’s College Mysuru on 29th and 30th January 2018, held at Mansagangotri, Mysuru.
  • Participated 3 day’s FDP program on “Recent Trends in Nanoscience and Technology (RTNST-2017)” held on 12th -14th October 2017. GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Attended one day Faculty Development Program on “Blooms Taxonomy” for better understanding of the preparation of Question Papers during the course, organizing by ISTE Chapter, GSSSIETW on Monday 11th September 2017.
  • Participated one day Faculty Development Program on “Collaborative Research and pedagogy” at GSSS Institute of Engg & Technology for women, Mysore, held on 3rd August 2017
  • One Day Faculty Development Program on “Research Methodology and Teaching Information Security: An Overview” organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 09 June 2017.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Bloom’s taxonomy” organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 31 January 2017.
  • One Day Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in Science and Mathematics (RTSM-2017)” organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 11 January 2017.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Women in power engineering”, organized by GSSSIETW, Mysuru, 16 December 2016.
  • Attended "Probability Statistics And Queueing Theory ” on 19/11/2016 at VVCE, Mysuru
  • Three day workshop on “Research Methodology and Research Motivational Aspects” from 27th to 29th July 2016 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru
  • Workshop on “NBA Accreditation” from 21 st to 23 rd July 2015 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Three days faculty development program on “APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING” from 13 th to 15 th July 2015 at MSRIT, Bengaluru.
  • Seminar ‘ EXCITEMENT IN MATHEMATICS ‘ on April 11, 2011conducted by P.E.S College of Science, Arts & Commerce, Mandya
  • Workshop ‘MAHILE MATTHU SAMSKRUTHI ’ from Jan. 19 to Jan. 23, 2011 conducted by Kannada Studies and Research centre Open University of Karnataka, Mysore..
  • Second National Level Conference “TANTRAGNANA 2009 from 06th & 07th Oct 2009 organized by GSSSIETW, Mysore.
Professional Membership
  • Life Member in Indian Society for Technical Education (113706)
Contact Details :

Department of Mathematics,
GSSS Institute Of Engineering & Technology For Women
Email id : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone : 0821-4257304 (Extn 1135)

My Visions :

To provide the best available basic knowledge and day to day innovations about Mathematics to the student community.



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