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Accredited with A Grade

CET Code: E133
COMEDK Code: E055

Computer Science And Engineering


Research Centre Activities:

The department of CSE is doing utmost efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities at GSSSIETW. We strive to achieve our goal of leadership in quality research that is focused and directed towards excellence in the areas of expertise of our faculty and researchers. We hope to create the support, guidance and conducive environment that will enhance quality research outputs and will support GSSSIETW leadership role in the local as well as the international community.

We count on our faculty, researchers and students to play the major role in achieving our common goal of excellence in research. We also invite all the stakeholders to provide us with their suggestions and feedback for the improvement of the research initiatives. The Research Centre of CSE department is offering admission to Ph.D. programme once in a year. Details of the research centre activities are posted in the website and periodically updated.

Research Centre Accomplishment:

VTU, Belagavi granted approval to the Research Centre of CSE Department during the academic 2016-2017. Presently three Research Supervisors, recognized by VTU are guiding 14 research scholars in Part Time in the Research Centre. The details of Research Scholars pursuing Research in the CSE Department are:

No. of Research Guides - 03
No. of Research Scholars awarded Ph.D. - 03
No. of Research Scholars Pursuing Ph.D. - 14
No. of Publications by Research Scholars - 33
Funds Allocated: 2.5 Lakhs


Research Supervisors and Research Scholars Details:



 Name of the Research Guide

Name of the Research Students / USN

Name of the Research Topic


Year of Registration


Dr. P Raviraj
Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE

Dr.Vishwesh J 4GW19PCS01

Noise Removal and Fusion-Based Feature Extraction Approach for the Detection of EEG Motor Imagery using Deep Learning Algorithms

Ph.D Awarded During December 2023



Mrs. Impana Appaji  4GW19PCS02

Data Analytics and Computational Intelligence for Smart Traffic Management System using VANET framework

Comprehensive Viva completed 2019


Mrs. Usha Rani J   4GW20PCS07

Re-Modeling of Human Detection with Video Surviellance using Machine Learning

Taken Course work Examinations 2020


Mrs. Aishwarya Rajeev   4GW20PCS01

A Novel Approach to Digital Forensics using Machine Learning

Taken Course work Examinations 2020


Mrs. Neethi M V   4GW18PCS05

Mango Crop Yield Estimation Using Machine Vision Techniques

Comprehensive Viva completed 2018


Dr. Roopashree H R
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of CSE

Mr. Mahendra G 4GW18PCS03

Data Mining Framework for Futuristic Transportation

Open seminar 1 completed



Mr. Venkatesh Prasad S  4GW17PEA10

Secure trust based Data Aggregation using game theory Techniques for improving network life time in WSN

Comprehensive Viva completed 2017


Mrs. Chhaya S Dule   4GW15PEJ05

Security Paradigms for Efficient Privacy Preservation on Cloud Infrastructure

Open Seminar 2 completed 2015


Mrs. Asha Rani M   4GW20PCS02

An Energy efficient & Secured routing protocol using optimization & Trust value for wireless Sensor Networks

Taken Course work Examinations 2020


Mr.Kiran M P   4GW20PCS04

Analytical Framework for Precision Agriculture using Machine Learning in IoT

Taken Course work Examinations 2020


Ms.Divya K S   4GW18PCS04

A Multiparty Optimistic Non-Repudiation Protocol with Nototrization

Comprehensive Viva completed 2018


Dr. S Meenakshi Sundaram
Former Professor

Mrs. Tejaswini R Murgod 4GW17PES04

An approach for Cross Layer Design and Route Optimization Techniques in Under Water Optical Wireless Communication Networks

Ph.D Awarded During March 2022



Mrs. Manjula K   GW17PES05

Certain investigations to handle dynamic transformations in nodes for load balancing using game theory approach

Ph.D Awarded during May 2022 2017


Mr. Rajashekar M B   4GW17PEA01

Building a Trust Model to preserve privacy of Mobile Users

Ph.D Awarded During Feb 2023 2017


Mr. Manjunatha Swamy C   4GW18PCS02

Big Data Analytic approach to Web information extraction using Bio inspired Algorithms

Comprehensive Viva completed 2018


Mrs. Sowmya M   4GW20PCS06

Development of a Framework for secure Data Communication using LoRaWAN Technology in building Internet of Things applications

Taken Course work Examinations 2020


Mrs. Khateeja Ambareen   4GW20PCS04

An Approach to detect Cyber bullying using AI

Taken Course work Examinations 2020

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